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New Arrivals

High performance Hand Tools for those who demand quality

Mild Steel Electrodes

Soft Faced Hammers

L Socket Handles

Tin Cutters

Hand Tools


High performance Hand Tools for those who demand quality

Combination Spanners

DOE Spanners

Ring Spanners

Engineering Files

Faster and Superior material removal for minimal efforts

Flat Bastard File

Half Round Bastard File

Mill Bastard File

Round Bastard File


Made with high quality steel shaped for different applications

Cutting Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Bent Nose Pliers

Circlip Pliers

Socket Sets

TATA Agrico Sockets & Socket Sets are made of Chrome Vanadium Steel with hardened & tempered steel skin

24pcs Socket Set

1/2" Dr. 72T
Ratchet Handle

Extension Bars

Universal Joint 75mm

Grease Guns

Aluminum die cast heads, machined components & powder coating for higher performance

500gm Flexible
Extension Hose

Mini Pistol Flexible Hose

Mini Pistol Rigid Hose

Rigid Extension
Flexible Hose


Made with high carbon steel heads for best performance

Ball Pein Hammer

Claw Hammer

Cross Pein Hammer


Adjustable jaws allow for use in different situations

Stillson Pipe Wrench

Adjustable Wrench

Garden Tools

Check out our large arrangment of tools for your garden needs!

Garden Hoe w/ Steel Handle & Grip



Construction Tools


A variety of hoes made from prime steel for a variety of uses

Agri Hoe

East India Hoe

Mysore Mamooty Hoe

Powrah-PVC Handle

Pick Axes

The sharpened edges of the pickaxe ensure that more force is applied on the ground with each strike

Pick Axe w/
Chisel and Point

Pick Axe w/
Double Points

Pickaxe PVC Handle


Made from prime steel from TATA Steel, this gives the shovel hardness & durability

Round Shovel

Square Shovel


Heavy duty hammers are used for work that involves maximum effort from a workman

Double Face Sledge Hammer

Straight Pein Hammer

Stone Breaking Hammer


TATA Agrico Crowbars are capable of withstanding a load of 60kg as a lever


Scoop Crowbar

Other Items

Check out other Construction Tools we have for sale

Chaff Cutter



Rotary Tiller Blade


Tiller Shoe

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